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Sep 20, 1989 (Age: 31)
orange county, ca
professional slacker


Rescue Squad, 31, from orange county, ca

Rescue Squad
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May 12, 2014
    1. lizard
      Hey Spaz! I havnt been on the forum here for years. I'm still using my old Droid 2 without service and I would like to stick Squidly back on it. I cant find any active links and I'm looking for, video mod, lockbar mod, basically all the files I can get my hands on. Can you help me out please? I got the Monster Gingerbread on by mistake. I went back to stock Froyo but now I cant take the OTA. That was my first rom and I really want to run it one more time.
    2. troglodyte
      Can you recommend threads on how to restore from factory and where to get so called updates... I don't know how to flash my droid, but I am a scientist and I can take instructions
    3. troglodyte
      Hi Spaz, I have been reading your posts, and you seem really sane and smart... (and kind) I think I am going to post a thread on my prob.. I have a Droid II that fell in water the other day... Please look for my thread? thanks

      Trog (aka Nebula)
    4. JDraco18
    5. chefjellynow
      spaz, i am having the worst of luck. I tried to put a rom on and some reason it did what most ppl says happen, stuck at M and i did everything written in all posts trying to get it going, recovery wiped ect nothing worked. so i figures to flash the sbf and did that but tried 2 diff versions of the official release and both come up as failed at the end of install. then I used madder's zip and followed instructions, put on sd and went to instal from recovery but i get msg saing
      aborted installation
      E: failed to verify whole-file signature
      E:signature verification failed

      i really need help, i been following these forums to the point and still not workin out...almost in tears lol wife is pissed too

    6. thebird36
      since when did d2 get an ota for 2.3.320? i see ur gummyjarred and ur supposed to have 2.3.230? i only have 2.3.20...
    7. dhafner
      Please disregard my previous post...I understand your instructions now and it worked. That's awesome...thanks so much!
      Dave H.
    8. dhafner

      I have a Droid X that was rooted until the Verizon.2.340.MB810.Verizon.en.US OTA update installed last week and unrooted me.

      Now trying to re-root, but the Z4root and Sebastian Kramer/Facelessuser methods aren't working. I found your "On Phone - Step 2 Option A" directions, but am having trouble following them...

      I've downloaded the Android Terminal Emulator and Astro and I can get to the part where you extract the 4 files to the /sdcard/download folder, but am having trouble following your directions after that...

      In the "What are we going to do?" section, can you please provide some more detail on what you mean by "Change to the /tmp folder on your phone, copy the file to the tmp directory, change its permissions. run it, and wait."? Copy what file? And, how do you change its permissions?

      Then, in steps 7-14, how would I make the system read-writable?

      Sorry for the dumb questions, but thanks for any help you can provide.


    9. kikitt
      Hello I am about to root my R2D2 Droid 2 with z4root which you recommended in a post back in my thread, I was just wondering should I have a backup of the R2D2 Droid 2 software? I am not planning on switching ROMS just want to root and change fonts and use Wireless Tether. I was just wondering if I need to have some kind of backup or can I just choose to unroot, or go into the system menu and do a hard reset and restore to default. Thank you in advance.
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    Sep 20, 1989 (Age: 31)
    orange county, ca
    professional slacker
    so cal boy born and raised. big on rockabilly, punk, and ska. plus I'm a big techie, love to tinker.

    photography, food, art, juegos de video, watching movies