Protect, and beautify that awesome AMOLED

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    Wanna protect and beautify that screen? Meguiar's Ultimate Quick Detailer.


    I used this stuff for over a year on my LG Dare. It isn't like Armor All, and will NOT gunk up your screen. But it WILL remove gunk, and literally keep your Fascinate looking brand new, even the back and sides!

    You NEED the yellow, machine washable microfiber cloths (packs of three, Walmart, same isle in Automotive).

    Then, if you wanna keep some with you, also purchase a small spray bottle, as pictured.


    Note: the microfiber cloths work better after a wash!

    To apply, spray once on a corner of the folded cloth, and wipe from top to bottom. Next, fold to a "dry" corner, wipe, and you're done!

    I've been using for two months, with no screen protector, and I can vouch for it's effectiveness, providing you use the recommended microfiber cloths.

    I've been without a screen protector since I started using this. If you try it out, lemme know your results!

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