The way I put on screen protectors perfectly

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    I don't see many tips and hints on this because everyone does it differently. I figured I post how I do it. I can get even cheap crappy ones to go one perfect no bubbles and nice and straight.

    1. Lay down a large CLEAN microfiber cloth.
    2. I put every protector on wet whether or not they are intended that way.
    3. First I lay phone on cloth and make sure that is perfectly clean with absolutely no particles or fingerprints anywhere no matter how long it takes to get it that way. Then I cover it with a silk type cloth to keep it perfect.
    4. I have a very small squirt bottle that I put one drop of dish soap in and some water to make a soapy water mix.
    5. I peel off both sides of the protector and put the adhesive side up in my hand.
    6. Now this might seem odd but it works for me. I wash the adhesive side in the sink with a drop of dish soap and scrub it with my thumbs till its nice and lathery then rinse it clean.
    7. I shake of excess water tap the bottom edge on the cloth for any hanging drops and immediately apply it right to the screen.
    8. If I don't get it perfectly where I want it, I don't mess with it. I remove it, dry and clean phone again then wash protector again and reapply it. I repeat this until I'm happy with the placement.
    9. Now I start to squeegy out the water drops. As I push them to the edge of the phone I dry them with cloth under the phone.
    10. If squeegy is sticking to the protector, I spray a tiny bit of the soapy mixture on the top to help.
    11. Take your time and work out all the bubbles and the results are spectacular.
    12. I will try and post some pics of my cheapo free diztronic protector on the phone. You can't even tell it's there.

    This also works on a protector that's already on the phone. They can be carefully taken off (don't pick, just push with a flat edge like credit card or squeegy) until it starts to lift off. Then just prepare phone, wash the protector and have at it. This does take some practice and patience but the results are well worth it. Hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions. Some people like to do this in a steamy bathroom to keep dust down. I just do it at the kitchen table.

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    sticky? :D

    heres how i put mine on

    for some reason the vzw rep did not take the inital screen dust protector off, meaning it kept the screen dust free.
    so when i got home (did not do it in the car.. too risky) i simply used the cleaner and just swiped it very lightly on my screen then i put the screen protector on. I completely forgot about bubbles though, but igot lucky and only have 1 small teeny tiny bubow.

    for those who have alot of bubbles read this- Wait a day or two and the bubbles will most likely fade out.
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