Pandora - no sound with Saphire 1.1.1

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    Apologies if I shouldn't start a new thread for this but I have a strange problem with Pandora and am hoping to get some tips.

    I have only noticed this with 3G because I use it in the car but Pandora will be working fine and I may skip a song or switch channels or sometimes the song will just skip on its own (did that before Sapphire too). Anyway, after this happens I can see the app is still working (ie. it shows the band name and I can skip forward and see the next band and song, etc) but I don't hear anything. I have made sure the volume was up on the car stereo and the Droid, but still nothing. If I switch over to the native music app, that works just fine but back to Pandora and nothing. I don't think it is a data problem as I can browse the web when this happens. The only fix I have found so far is to reboot or if I wait a couple of hours it is back to normal. I have observed this behavior with the headphone jack as well so it isn't related to the car stereo. It has happened when connected to the car stereo via AUX jack and Bluetooth.

    Thanks for any assistance you may have. Other than this which is driving me nuts, Sapphire is awesome. In fact, Sapphire's ability to make Pandora sound so much better after Froyo "wrecked" it was why I started ROMing.

    I am running Sapphire 1.1.1 with the Smoked Glass Theme. I am using the CCRoms 250-1Ghz LV Kernel.
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