One Month with the i*hone

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    Here are a few of my thoughts after a month with my iPhone 4S from a former android user (and current fan).
    I am not too disappointed, however the cons outweigh the pros.
    Pros: 1. The keyboard and the magnifying glass/selecting functions.
    2. The way you check voicemail, quick and easy.
    3. I like how the notification center shows the weather and upcoming events
    4. The main thing I like and the reason I decided to jump was siri. It makes life a lot easier. Thats how I set all my alarms, timers, tell my wife I’m on my way home and it even reminds me to do something when visiting my mother or when I arrive at work.

    Cons: 1. No widgets
    2. I hate itunes with every fiber and I don’t like not having any other option to put music on my device.
    3. No tethering without being “jailbroken”
    4. Not very customizable(BIGGEST PROBLEM)......example, I can’t set a bill collectors ring tone to “silent” or even to just send them to voicemail. It has to ring if someone calls.
    5. No app for sms to email. None. Maybe a halfass “jailbroken” app.
    6. No google navigation.
    7. I really like using gmails priority inbox, can’t really use it on this phone. I get notified for every email.
    8. If you wan’t to download something over 50mb you have to be connected to a wifi network. Pain in the a$$.
    9. All photos have to go into one folder “camera roll” (they be copied into created folders)
    10. No custom keyboards I could find only “emoji cons”
    11. No uploading to picasa. I really relied on google’s products.
    Probably a lot more cons and a few more pros.

    Bottom line, I will not upgrade to the iphone 5S or whatever is out there in 18 months. I had the Gnex, but everyone I had just dropped service and I had to make a choice. I REALLY wish I had a working GNex, especially after seeing MIUI and Sourcery drop. I try not to think of it much. Engineering has picked up here so I’ve been very busy at work and haven’t had the time I usually had flashing ROMs so I’m pretty content with my phone now. I will keep up with all the latest on this side while stuck on the dark side.

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    You should look at the rezound or razr maxx. Initial reports of ics blur is nice. I must admit ics blur has made me do a 180 on my feelings with blur. I am praying for a motorola nexus (vzw lte).
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    If you wanted to switch back, you could just sell the iPhone on Ebay or something and pay full price for a Nex or another phone. They (iPhones) maintain value very well.

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