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Jim 777

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Aug 11, 2020
    1. b3nst3v3n
      Thanx. how compex is it to edit the dialer i have now. i'm a noob but i like getting my hands dirty. i'm runin apex 1.4.1 with a watermark'd theme.
      system ver 2.3.340 andro ver 2.2.1 is there a site or page i should read.
      please point me in a nice direction . treeworxny@gmail.com thanx
    2. b3nst3v3n
      gsxr custom dialer HOT. if possible .. share some knowledge .. where can i get it . thanx.
    3. Pjohn91
      GSXR's ROCK!! Mines a rocket, GSX1340 B-King all black(faster):yeahbaby01:
    4. dsmguy3
      I saw your post with the 49ers dialer when do you think the giants one will be ready and would you share it?
    5. jwalth02
      Hey, just curious; I saw the pic in your sig and I love how your clock widget looks, with the different numbers and clear background. I recently rooted my phone in hopes of improving it and would like to know if this is part of a theme or something you did specifically. I really like how yours is set up. I appreciate any advice you can provide.
    6. hfdsod
      Your broken glass icons are awesome. Here are a few apps that you don't have. Anyway you can do these and PM them to me or post them in this thread.
      Astro File Manager
      History Eraser
      Set CPU
      My Settings
      System Panel

    7. kei6193
      hey dude where did you get your wallpaper for lfy 1.9? looks sick
    9. jblevins
      Jim, on LFY how do u get all those home pages when I install I only got three? How do u know what kernel will work with what right now I am running LFY 1.7 chevy kernal 1.2ghz and thats all i kno. Please help justin.d.blevins@gmail.com
    10. crazins
      Hi Jim! after much debate, I finally rooted my droid (mostly out of boredom). I saw your signature in a few posts and I was wondering what the 2.2 platform Smoked Glass was. After hours reading I came to the conclusion that it was a theme. so here come the questions: Is the theme part of the rom? or is it something I can just download and flash? Where can I find it?

      next I was looking at the kernel you listed in your sig. now, how do I know what kernel is right for me? I took a guess and picked the 1.2Ghz SV 250. is there a way to tell what my moto droid can handle is there danger to my processor? what would you recommend?

      I realize this is a lot of pesky questions from a stranger and I hope you have the time to answer them. This is pretty much my last resort to get my questions answered. you seem to be the go to man. feel free to email a response (if you choose to give one (and its easier than just responding here)) at crazins69@gmail.com
    11. Corinacakes
      Hi Jim!! :bday2: Have a wonderful day!!!! Save some :hb2: for me!! lol

      Cute pic of you and your little boy!!
    12. piersm2
      I was looking at a thread and saw you post with all the crazy customizing on it. I am new to the droid and was wondering how to do those kinds of things on mine. Any suggestions?
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