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    I decided to look over my contract today, since I've been going nuts with the debate of what phone to get next, and I noticed something.

    Just last month I went from an LG Voyager to an OG Droid, ( I know, late bloomer.), so I added the unlimited data.

    Now I know that doesn't effect my upgrade, which is still available, but my bill states I have a 1 year contract that's up on 3/21/2012. My upgrade was up in January and my old 2 year contract ended on May 2, 2011. I'm not really complaining, lol, I just have no idea how it happened.

    EDIT: I phrased that all wrong, lol. I know if I got a new phone, it has to renew the contract. What I meant to say, was if I could pick up a used 4G device, since I have the unlimited data already, nothing else would need to be added, correct? I'm just a bit confused because when I went in the VZW store the other day, the kid there said I would need to adjust my contract for the 4G. I thought the use of 4G was included in the unlimited data currently.
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