Music/sound randomly going silent mode on stock VZW GNote 3?!

Discussion in 'Samsung Galaxy Note 3' started by eagle923, Apr 17, 2014.

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    I have a stock VZW GNote 3, about 2 months old.

    1) I keep missing calls due to it being on silent mode constantly, even if ensure it isn't in silent mode before I put it in my pocket. It isn't the button being pushed while in my pocket, since I can turn the phone up to say max ringer volume, then turn the screen off and push the VOL DOWN button and it doesn't adjust to silent. I have to turn the screen on and unlock it before it'll adjust volume.

    2) I also have an issue where if I'm listening to music via Play Music, DoggCatcher, uListen...etc and I open "Settings" or "Chrome" it'll turn the volume down to silent.

    Any solutions for either of these?
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