D4 + (media of all sorts) + Bluetooth + silent mode = no music

Discussion in 'Droid 4 Tech Support' started by dilbernator, May 10, 2012.

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    Motorola Droid 4 Verizon - Not rooted - LG Bluetooth headset. Android version 2.3.6. Build number 6.5.1_167_DR4-_M1-219, Build Date Thu Mar 8 17:13:00 CST 2012.

    Playing any media, like via winamp, pandora, Google Music, etc. When I switch to silent mode (turns off sounds EXCEPT MEDIA and alarms) the music/sound playing stops coming through the headset. Anyone else having a similar issue? Is there a setting that will cause the notifications and ringers to be silent and yet give me my media playing? I thought that is what SILENT was for. Used to work before the last upgrade. I have restarted my D4, but the issue remains.

    When playing music over the speaker, when I set silent mode on, the music still plays over the speaker like it should. If I then turn on my bluetooth headset, it acts like it should when the phone silent toggle is set on or off.

    Any ideas?