Droid Razr ringer volume going to silent on its own , vibrate icon not showing

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    I had an issue with the ringer volume switching to silent on its own. The phone was on max ringer volume, I would press the power button to turn the screen off, the next time i hit the power button to turn the screen on the phone would be on silent. Tried going in to recovery mode (turn phone off, hold both volume buttons then press hold power, all 3 at the same time will put the phone into the boot menu. use the vol down button to select recovery mode, then press volume up to select, the droid dude will be on his back with a red triangle on his chest. press volume up and power at the same time to bring several options up. use volume key to select clear cache, the press power button. This seems to help alot of issues. As for the the volume issue, it persisted. What seemed to finally work was to go from max volume to silent several times by using the volume buttons. Dont know if it was a calibration gliche but since doing this, my volume is staying where it was set. One last thing, if this doesnt work then you will have to do a hard reset of the phone. I back up the data first and move apps to the sd card. The droid razr 1.8 utility can do the reset with out erasing your data. I have heard some users mention the droid utility did not stay open on their PC desk top. You will have to uninstall the motorola drivers on your PC then install them from the 1.8 Utility. After doing this you can use the utility. It is a very handy tool.
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