Mobile Networks and "unfortunately, the process has stopped

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    If I go to settings and click on "Mobile Networks", I get an error "unfortunately, the process has stopped". After that I can not make or receive phone calls. Before I click the network setting, my calls are fine. Anytime I reboot, I get my network access back. Last night I did that and my phone shortly restarted and went into a bootloop at the ROM splashscreen (not the "google" screen). This happens before I change any settings and I'm on the following:

    Android 4.3.1 CRDroid Build 16 (Cyanogenmod 10.2)
    FK radios
    3.0.94 Golden Kernel
    PA GApps

    I have tried many different avenues to resolve the issue.

    1) Reflashed ROM, Kernel, GApps
    2) Had to Nandroid restore once to recover from the bootloop
    3) Cleared data and cache for Contacts and Dialer (Phone)
    4) Forced Close Google+, Facebook, Hangouts, Calendar, Contacts
    3) Wiped cache and Dalvik

    I've had similar problems happen in the past with Toro, even replacements, with other ROMs, but not exactly like this. For now, I'm not going to touch "Mobile Networks", but I'd like to fix the problem. I've only seen similar issues with other users, but not the exact same. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
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