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    I have a problem with Notifications when I drag the top of the screen down. There's a notification that comes and goes (I think it's the Searching for GPS notification). As it turns itself on and off, it moves the other notifications up and down the list. Invariably, I usually end up hitting the wrong notification because I'm trying to hit a moving target. Is this a notification I can turn off, or at the very least move to the bottom of the stack so its appearance doesn't affect the position of other notifications?

    The device is not rooted.
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    Does the notification dancing around stop after a few seconds? I use widgetsoid which is a toggle bar in my notification drop down. It is set to stay on top but unfortunately it does not have the ultimate priority to stay on top when first pulling the notification down. It takes a few seconds for the notifications to settle where my widgetsoid stays on top and everything else is stabilized below. I do not know which notification my Razr really thinks should have the priority to be on top but I believe that any third party app (non - stock app) that lists itself in the status bar fights for that number one spot.

    If your status bar notifications stabilizes after a few seconds but you want it to stop then the notification that ends up on top is probably the app that is causing the jumping around. Go into that app and turn off its notifications.

    If your status bar notifications does not stabilize after a few seconds, you could, one by one, go into the apps of the various notifications that are listed and turn off notification for those apps. For each one you turn off, check throughout some time to see if you still have the problem. If so, then it would be another notification that is wanting to stay on top. Keep trying and testing turning off the various notifications til you find the offending culprit.

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