[How To] Get a phone replacement if your keys are falling off free

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    Last week on Friday i went to the Verizon store with my phone because the keyboard letters were falling off the whole keyboard was like F'd up I mean you could hear the keys stick and come back up it looked like a big bubble first letter that fell was the g and the h was about to come off i think this happened because of the heat the phone created sometimes with custom roms so yes am rooted i guess it melted the glue on the keys so i went into the droid box and saw the warranty and if it applied. It said it doesn't cover regular wear and tear and am like wtf what does it cover than..lol so i was like am a make sure and went to the Verizon store they asked me what do you need and all i did was show them the phone and they told me they will help you shortly..i made sure everything was back to stock so i quickly used nandroid and loaded a virgin backup but i wast prepared and it still had a custom recovery menu so i just quickly used root explorer and deleted superuser app and then uninstalled root explorer i had all my stuff backed up if your wondering and so i gave her my phone she went inside with it i don't know what she do to it they might of checked if it was rooted or something but they didn't find out so she came back out and told me she was going to replace it but if i knew my gmail info and am like no 5h1t lol she gave me a replacement but it was better than the original no lower quality parts like on other phones she gave me my same back panel and battery she kept my screen protector tho but i was like ahh i got more at home and then she took a while with it and said she was activating it which everybody knows how to do.. then i was like its taking to long to activate so i got closer and she told me "oh am updating it to the newest system update its going to run better now" and am like wtf noooo but i didn't say that i was like OK let her do it so when you exchange it tell them that you'll do everything at home because then you will have to use RSDlite and flash the .sbf file and root again which wasted my fucc3n time but i didn't pay nothing at all. try doing this before you waist money on ordering a replacement from your insurance.
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