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Dec 12, 2011
    1. ballmore
      Could you please add the Breeze theme to your theme post? If Jatx2wne has already contacted you then I apologize. I'm helping him out as much as I can. He works 50 hour weeks and all. Plus he posted his theme in the themers section of droidforums so I doubt that many people have a clue that it is available. lol Thanks and have a great weekend. http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-themes/107136-theme-release-breeze.html
    2. XxSinisteRxX
      Just curious and i know this is completely random and off subject but.....Do you play Modern Warfare 2 on PS3? lol Only reason i'm asking is because of the raffica pistol featured in the game, but i'm sure you know this if you play. ID's are SLNTGHOSTSNIPER and X_xSINISTERx_X if you play. :) lol That is all. :)
    3. georgiadog3
      I am an avid supporter of UD Roms, I am somewhat new though. I am trying to contribute to the site by posting questions that I or other noobs may have but just may not know how to word? Can someone explain a few things to me? 1) First big question is, if my sd-card is partitioned 512 ext and 265 swap, does UD 8 take advantage of this? If not, how can I make it do it? 2) I notice in UD8 as in most newer UD Roms settings under mount /system commands, can someone explain how they and their functions will benefit to me? 3) I also notice native task manager tweaks, free up 50/75/100mb's, what is it that these actually do? Do they function as task killers, do they free up more area to install apps? Thank you for your help.
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