Having trouble rooting Gnex: Mac Superboot method

Discussion in 'Galaxy Nexus ROMS' started by Shaneathan, Feb 4, 2012.

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    I'm following this guide:

    How-To: Root the Galaxy Nexus LTE | Good Morning Geek

    I unlocked my bootloader already. Now I'm trying to root. I went into my Terminal, typed in

    chmod +x ~/Desktop/androidsdk/r2-galaxynexus-superboot/install-superboot-mac.sh

    I hit enter, a new line in Terminal popped up, no error message, so I assume it worked. I then tried to type


    And it said that there was no such file or directory. I tried to cd into the folder, and I was able to get to the androidsdk folder. It's like Terminal isn't acknowledging that the r2 folder exists. Can someone please tell me what's wrong here? Thanks!
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