Gnex user here w/ some questions on the Razr

Discussion in 'Droid RAZR' started by bigjunior45, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Like the title says I'm a Gnex user with some problems with the Gnex. I've had the phone for almost a week and already I've lose 3G signal trying to make a call, reception is bad at work where my iPhone 4 had 2-3 bars, it's rebooted on me twice, camera is awful, speaker is crap. So if you take away ICS this phone is a dud in my opinion.

    I've looked at the Rezound but the only downfall is the sound distortion on video recording playbacks (why record 1080 video when theres going to be scratching sound throughout the video) and the battery isn't as good. So I'm asking the Razr community to answer some questions.

    1. How is the speaker volume for ringtones and notifications. I'm deaf in my left ear so this is a must. I had the Droid X and that speaker was horrid. I missed a lot of calls because of it being too soft and quite.

    2. Battery life. Whats the average life everyone has gotten with their Razr's. I've heard its better than the Nexus but not by much. I won't be using 4G a lot but will watch YouTube videos often and browse here and there. Text messages quite a bit though.

    3. Noise Cancelation. My Droid X and iPhone 4 had great noise cancelation and I'm hoping that that carries over to the Razr.

    4. Camera. Hows the camera? I know if you want to take good pictures to carry a digital camera but honestly I carry my phone with me more than a camera

    5. Notification light. Does it work 100% of the time and can you change the light for certain notifications like missed calls, email, texts, etc. This isn't a big concern for me but I was just currious.
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    Greer, SC
    I have both the Razr and the Nexus right now so I can answer some of these.

    1. The speaker on the Razr is much louder than the Nexus. Just guessing I'd say about 50% louder. Its also much better sounding.

    2. In my experience the Razr's battery life is a good bit better. I can easily make it thru a day with moderate browsing and texting.

    3. I've not really paid any attention to noise cancellation but I haven't heard any complaints.

    4. Since the update on the Razr I'd say the Razr has a better camera with good lighting. The Nexus seems better in lower light. But the nexus also gives all its pictures a kind of oil painting look. The Razr does not.

    5. Mine works 100% of the time as far as I know. I've never tried to change the light for different notifications but I'm sure there is a app for that.

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    Sorry you're not happy with your Gnex.

    -I'm not deaf in one ear, but after 30 years in the Field Artillery my hearing is anything but good. I don't have a problem with speaker volume, ringtone volume, notifications etc. The speaker is as good as I've heard on almost any smartphone.
    -Battery life is what you make it. It's hard to compare but I fully charge every night, make 15-20 minutes of phone calls, process 20-25 emails and about 30 text messages during the day, browse the web for about 15-20 minutes, check the news (Fox and USA Today) about three times a day and after about 18 hours of use I still have 50-60% battery left. I too don't use 4g unless I really need the speed...3g or Wifi most often. I have a couple of Smart Actions set up but don't use them because I get pretty good battery life without them.
    -Can't speak to noise cancellation
    -The camera is as good as I need. I see people complaining about the camera, but come on, if you want studio quality pictures go get a Nikon or Cannon SLR for about $800.00. Honestly, for what I use a cell phone camera for it is plenty good. I haven't had anyone tell me "boy, that was a shi*y picuture".
    -The notification light has never failed me. To change the color for the type of notification you're looking for I think you have to root your phone...I think. There may be an app in the Market that will let you do that, but I'm not sure.

    Hope this helps.
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    First of all, you'll always lose 3G when you're on a call. If you're on 4G, you can still have that running with a call going. I think that some phones work differently on Verizon (Thunderbolt?), but I know almost all of them will lose 3G when you're on a call (CDMA issue; this wouldn't happen on a GSM 3G network like AT&T or T-Mobile).

    As to your questions, here's my experience:
    1. The speaker volume gets plenty loud. Many have anecdotally said it's a bit louder than the GNex, so this could be fine for you. Of course, the best thing to do would be to check it out at a Verizon store or with a friend's unit since your usage is a bit more specialised than most.

    2. If you're running 3G only, expect stellar battery life; all day use no problem. When I run 3G/WiFi, I'm usually at 50% when I put the phone back on the charger (15+ hours of use). 4G will kill your battery, though; but that's an issue with all 4G phones right now.

    3. It's a Motorola; expect a top tier phone experience. The noise cancelation has been spot on for me, so far. I would imagine it would be as good or better than your X, since it's the same make.

    4. The camera's not great, but nor is it bad. iPhone 4S has a better camera out of the box in some ways, but that's mainly a perceived difference due to Apple liking to slightly oversaturate colours. I love photography, and I've been very pleased with the RAZR's camera; it's not dedicated camera quality, but it does very well in most situations. The focus is pretty quick since the update, too, so I have no complaints about its overall speed. All in all, it's a very competent camera that takes some pretty nice photos out of the box (even better if you do some light post-production, of course).

    5. The notification light works just fine on mine, but it will only flash green without a separate app to make it flash other colours. There are apps out there that will provide that functionality, but I haven't used them so I can't speak to their effectiveness. Bottom line, though: the functionality does exist in the hardware.

    Speaking of hardware, that's the real highlight of this device. Motorola has always been known for making great devices, and the RAZR is no exception. The build quality is fantastic, and the parts are great, too (speakers, mics, radios, etc.). I know this is subjective, but it's not out of line to claim that this is the best Android phone out there right now (and, since Android makes the best phones right now, this could very well be the best phone out there right now period). Give it a few months, though, and it'll be replaced with something better. Nature of the mobile tech world.
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    First off I'm only giving my opinion and in no way shape or form am I bashing any phone/manufacturer. I'm trying to curb my opinionated mind so here I go:

    1. The Razr is definetly louder than the GNex and I've heard all kinds of complaints from GNex users at work and complimenting the Razr for having a loud speaker (downside vibration in my opinion is weak compared to my old D2G and the GNex)

    2. I'm getting about 10-12 hours on one charge with minimal to moderate use at work. When on my days off i get 7-10 hours cause of moderate to heavy use. I'm still trying to tweak my smart actions to see if I can get a bit more.

    3. Noise cancellation works great cause I work at Boeing with a lot of background noises and whoever I'm on the phone with they either don't hear drills going off or barely hear it.

    4. Camera got better since the update but I rarely take pics but when I do it comes out great IMO.

    5. The notification light works 100% of the time and certain apps can change the light color (Handcent text app for example and I use that over any text app).

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