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    Just thought I'd give those interested an update regarding the sluggish gallery:

    So, I flashed 12.11 with no problems, restored my apps using Titanium. I went in to change my wallpaper and noticed that my gallery was slow like the stock version, so I did exactly like I said above. Just redownload the 3Dgallery.apk (some may not need to if they have a copy saved on their sdcard), change the name of the 3dgallery.apk that's in your /system/app folder to .bak, and copy the 3dgallery apk from your sdcard and paste it in to /system/app. Fix the permissions for it, then reboot. Once you reboot, open up your gallery and it should haul now. However, you shouldn't be able to choose an image for your lockscreen. If you can, awesome, if you can't, reflash the current MIUI version (12.11) without wiping or anything, and everything will be good as gold; gallery will load fast, and you'll be able to choose lockscreen images from gallery.

    For those who don't have the apk, you can find it here:
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