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Dec 6, 2014
    1. almogi1975
      hi guidot i have the motorola droid 3 verzion 862 xt and i want to install a new rom for my phone i have the 2.3.4 android version . can you please tell me were i can to find the xeczacli the fix room for my phone i lockung for a lot of time and still cant find fix room and still stock whitw an old version . please send me a link for rom and google apps + a guid how to do this tjank you
    2. ebrown761
      Hello names Eric, i was hoping you could do me a big favor. I seen you made a post in this thread “ ” sometime ago, So I’ve been looking into that Miui ROM on the xt862, as far as what i read its a pretty good ROM, but all download link's are long dead. So I figured maybe you would have a ROM zip, n if u did would u be willing to link a download.Thanks :)
    3. 7779311mm
      Hi guidot, I really hate to bother you. But I am having issues rooting my droid bionic, OS is ICS. Could you offer me some advice?

      I've download and installed at riquired files, installed drivers... It too me 2 days to fifure out how to install the Mot ADB Interface; however. But even after finally getting that booger installed, the one click script still cannot access it.
    4. albinoman
    5. BionicRockinTh3oryRoms
      I don't want to punish other users for My Lack of Knowledge so I Humbly Request that You Unlock Sam's Thread I will not bother to ask him anymore tech questions but other people should have a Right to Receive the Knowledge that He has to Offer.


      Keith Rau
    6. 93fuelslut
    7. wareagle1113
      hey man do u have the forever root 2.1 file? Thats all im lacking link is down as well
    8. ses020570
      I need help my friend!!! I downloaded the leaked version of 6.12.173 for the Droid RAZR and am now having trouble with my phone shutting off and freezing up. I don't know how to get it back to 6.11.748.... I am new to this and admit I shouldn't have been playing around..... would you be willing to help me get it back to stock?

      My email is

      Thanks so much for your time.

      Sean Smithey
    9. nybadboy11
      thanks you for your time:)
    10. boostedhonda
      Thanks for the compliments on the s2k. I just realized your the guy i talked to about the 240 you had, that thing was slick.
    11. Dupuis53
      hey on your like to root any os droid, if i cant get my phone to connect via usb to put files on it, how can i get MotoCache1_Complete_Root_v1.1-update onto the phone?
    12. boostedhonda
      First off thanks! (pic above is old with my first turbo setup now pushing 512whp :) im going to add some more pics of the new engine and stuff if you wanna check em out! ) Secondly Hondas are and always will be my thing BUT i have respect for any car regardless of make, and i will check out the site. You got any pics of your 240??
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