Flash player behaving unexpectedly

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by jebader, Sep 21, 2010.

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    Feb 7, 2010
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    Android Version: 2.2 (stock)
    Build number: FRG22D

    Running with the latest flashplayer update.

    Forgive me if this isn't the best forum for this issue. Feel free to redirect me if you want --

    I have a flash site that is not behaving as I would expect on my phone. I can not click on any of the drop down menu items. And I cannot enter text into the contact form.

    Is there anyone else who is experiencing issues like this with flash applications? I'd really like to get to the bottom of this. This isn't a plug for a website, but if anyone feels so inclined to test the operation that I am describing, you can find my flash app at ericaannphotography.com

    Thank you,