Droid contacts don't match gmail

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    Just got my droid was ready to return but trying to work it out. All of a sudden my contacts don't match my gmail contacts. For example I have a friend Bobby who is not listed in my phone anymore but it is under my gmail contacts. I wiped out my phone contacts and let it resynch and it still does not show up. If I type in his number it comes up under another contact I have which is Robbie. If I go into Robbie's contact and edit it will then show the name Bobby and his number but only when I hit edit. I love the phone but this is a pain. Also I have my number blocked for business purposes and have all my contacts programmed in as *82 and without it so I can text. I was able to call the preprogrammed *82 contacts now it won't let me. I have to dial it manually even though it is listed in my contacts. Any help is appreciated
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