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    Is it possible for me to use the digitizer from another Motorola Droid phone and use it on my Motorola DROID RAZR M because I don't want to pay anywhere from $130 to $240 for a new digitizer

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    You can use a compatible digitizer, with the same connection as the one your phone has, but be prepared to get deep into the disassembly work of replacing it.
    The drivers for the digitizer is not contained as a module, but derived from the phone's processing system and logic, so you will need to be certain what you are replacing is 100% compatible with the defective item.
    Width, height, connector and driver logic all need to be identical in every respect, or you will have problems interfacing the digitizer, not to mention the trouble with the overlay process, as it needs to lay firmly and across the entire screen, with no gaps with adjoining surfaces!
    Any gaps between the digitizer and the LCD will create touch control issues, making you think you have a defective digitizer, when all you really have, is a non-responsive input due to lack of physical contact between both the screen and the digitizer. If you do not have the proper tools to perform the work, I suggest you trade in the phone, or have the work performed by someone that knows the process, and has the experience and tools to do it correctly.
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