Concern regarding HDMI output

Discussion in 'Motorola Xoom' started by Infiniti87, Mar 1, 2011.

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    Last night i hooked up my xoom to my tv for the first time. All was going well and looked amazing until i tried using the native you tube app. While i was trying to load a video the screen on both the xoom and the tv started flashing black intermittently and then the xoom rebooted itself. Once the xoom rebooted i tried it again and it did the same thing. It also flashed and rebooted while using the web. After about 3 reboots it started working but still occasionally flashed the black screen while trying to load the video. Now here is the kicker, it would only do it while using the native you tube app or while typing in the browser. Accessing you tube through the browser worked just fine. Also after unplugging my xoom and trying the native you tube app again, it worked just fine, no flashing or rebooting. Has anyone else experienced problems or do i have a defective xoom?
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