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    Beautiful Widgets is getting close to the new skinnable version of BW.

    Tama just posted a link to a Skin Dev Kit on Twitter so you can start playing around with ideas.

    Don't ask me how to use it, I am just starting to look at it. :)

    Contents of included txt file.

    "Welcome to the skin dev kit for Beautiful Widgets!
    In this package you will find sample files to create a new skin:
    - back.psd is the portrait background
    - back-land.psd is the landscape background
    - back-land-wide.psd is the landscape background for wide screens, such as the Motorola Droid screen.
    - numbers.psd are the numbers
    What you can:
    - Replace the backgrounds, respect the filenames (check the "example" folder)
    - Replace the numbers and the dots
    What you cannot do:
    - Move elements, unfortunately for performances reasons, Android does not allow widgets to change the layout after the compilation of the widgets.
    - Change colors of the other texts (is that needed?)
    Warning: this is a prematured skin dev kit, just for people to start working on skins.
    Enjoy !"
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