APP Overview! Liberty Customizer for Liberty Rom Easily Customize your Rom on the Fly

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    NOTE: Must be on the Liberty Rom to use this or it is useless!

    This application is awesome! It includes options to edit your status bar. You can choose from 8 different custom lockscreens, you can change your carrier pull down text, you can add themes on the fly without flashing them in clockwork recovery. There is even an option to add back blur to the Liberty Rom in this App. Most AOSP Roms do not come with the option to add things like DLNA or FMradio or the blur versions of apps such as Gallery which is needed on devices like the DroidX for hdmi compatibility. You can purchase this app for $5 or it comes with the Liberty Rom 3 v2.0 minus the theme manager for free!

    Grab this App and more info here!
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    no themes on Droid2

    I bought the donate version but the themes don't work on Droid 2. My email to authors (10 days ago) got no response yet. A bit disappointed since I have had great experiences with their ROM.
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