[PORT] Liberty3 D2G 1.0 - Unnofficial Port for the Droid 2 Global

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Nov 9, 2011.

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    Droid2Global users, we have another D2G Rom today. I'm sure you have been feeling a little left out of the whole Liberty excitement since your device hasn't been officially developed for. However I have good news! Thanks to developer "13thAngel," Liberty 3 v1.0 has been ported to your device. Keep in mind that this is not officially supported by Team Liberty, but it is WAY better than nothing! :) This features all the mods and goodies from the official rom such as; Source built apps, app widget picker, blocked adds, 1% battery increments built in, themed dialer, contacts, task manager, reboot options from power down menu, dsp manager, and custom Launcher 2.


    Liberty Customizer is included to easily add back any blur features or bloat apps that you may want. Start up tweaks are included; Lockscreen options are included(rotary, slider, and music controls); Root Browser full edition and Root toolbox (featuring lots of mods and goodies) are also included.

    This rom is probably one of the greatest to grace the D2G to date!

    By DroidModderX

    Grab the Rom and discuss here!