[ROM] LibertyX2 3 RC1 - Time for the Eagle to once again take Flight for the Droid X2

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    Finally The Eagle will soar on your Droid X2 device with Liberty 3! This rom has been tested in the irc realm now for a few weeks and the first release candidate by Kejar31 is finally ready for the public. This is the complete base of the Liberty rom. The dialer, contacts, and task manager have a GB theme, but those are the only themed elements for now. Team Liberty is feverishly working on the themes and mods that you have come to know from Liberty Rom. Those will come in updated releases.


    This Rom is an AOSP style rom and bloat and blur have been removed. The only blur elements left in this release candidate are the dialer, contacts, and camera. Some goodies are included here such as AOSP apps built from source, appwidgetpicker, blocked ads, 1% battery increments, Reboot options from power menu (Reboot, Recovery, and Screenshots) Dsp Manager, and a Custom LauncherPro2.

    This is only the beginning of Liberty 3 for the DX2; you can expect all kinds of cool stuff from Team Liberty in the near future for this rom like Liberty toolbox and Liberty settings (for themeing and modding on the fly!)

    Check out the Liberty Goodness now and Discuss!
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