[ROM] Liberty 3 RC1 - Time for the Eagle to once again take Flight - for Bionic!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Bionic users... the time has finally come! You have waited long enough! After months of rigorous beta testing, IRC Kejar31 and Team Liberty, have finally released their first release candidate of Liberty 3 for the Droid Bionic! This Rom is currently in its simplest state. This is pretty much the complete bug free "Base" of Liberty 3. We can expect themes and other mods for this rom in the coming updates, but for now there is a ton to play with in this awesome AOSP style rom!


    This Rom includes source built apps built directly from the CM7 source tree. It is mostly Deblurred. The only blur apps left are the dialer, contacts, and camera (I don't know what they did with this camera app, but in my extensive testing the shutter lag that you have all experienced with the Bionic camera has completely disappeared or at least the shutter speed has greatly improved from the stock build). It also has an Appwidget picker, 1% battery increments, and ads are blocked.

    Also included here is a custom Launcher 2, Reboot options from power (Reboot, Recover, and Screenshot) and DSPmanager. Furthermore, it also comes with some themed elements including, Dialer, Contacts, and Task Manager to give it the GB look and feel, and of course all the Liberty Wallpapers you remember from DX are here as well.

    By DroidModderX

    Source: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/li...-3-rc1-time-eagle-once-again-take-flight.html
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    The use of that specific eagle and the rallying below in the desktop wallpaper will steer me clear of this.
    It looks too much like a movement from the 1930s/1940s for me.

    If you doubt, google German Eagle standing atop swastika. It's the same eagle, just cropped into the shape of a 'V' hiding the swastika below.
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    Yeah I see it right away, kinda "Arbeit macht frei" moment for me.
    but other than that,,,
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