acore force close endless cycle...need help!

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    giving a background.
    I was on the 2.2 and rooted...and I am trying to go back to 2.1 stock so that I can get to the Cyanogen 6.0....needless to say I never even got that far [​IMG]

    My phone just keeps giving the error message:
    the process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly
    with the only option to force close.

    I followed the how to unroot your phone guide here and got through the 7 steps and when I rebooted this is all it does.
    If anyone else could see a better place for this please let me know!!

    How can I get back to normal...I'm not even concerned with the cyanogen mod at this point...just want my phone.

    Thank you all for the help I really appreciate it.

    D A N
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