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    1. tittdal213
      I have been trying to root my droid fot the last 2hrs and it keeps telling me that the signature verification failed, instalation aborted. CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE!
    2. chevycam94
      I copied a thread no knowing every post in it would be copied as well. You can delete the thread in my Steel Droid custom ROM section with a title "DELETE ME!".

      I wish I could hard delete threads. lol
    3. Boiglenoight Darkstar
      Boiglenoight Darkstar
      Doubleposted my first topic, on second attempt I saw the message about awaiting moderator approval. Sorry!
    4. brandon_droid
      65 mustang or 64.. I got a 65
    5. jamezelle
      wrong reply area...DELETE
    6. paris10
      help please my droid x is bricked when try to put new file in says chip 43 error help
    7. Dukefrukem
      please see my last post here. need some help asap.
    8. depdaDROID
      I think my droid is bricked...I have been running kangerade froyo rom and no problems to report other than when I installed a new live wallpaper a couple of days ago (droid x moving eye), home launcher pro was working kind sporatically (not smooth, and a little glitchy). When I reverted back to a regular wallpaper everything was smooth as silk again. then just a little while ago my battery was running low and I'd say it was low for 2 hours before I could get it connected to my pc( left wall charger at work:-(... ).. before I connected to the pc my droid's screen went black, but I figured that once it was connected to a power source it would reboot..BUT no, the screen remains black and when the power button is pressed...nothing!! I noticed the white power connection light was on so I figured everything was normal. It's been connected for 30 mins and no change. MAYDAY!! I hope this is just a bad battery issue, Pleeeease!! I would appreciate a timely rersponse of aid! standing by :(
    9. Corinacakes

    10. jstafford1
    11. Corinacakes
      hello from your "stalker" :rofl3:
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