Skipping 8.0 entirely, Razer announced it is releasing the 8.1 Oreo update for its' gaming phone. You should be seeing this sometime over the next 10 days. More and more companies are making the jump right to 8.1 as there seem to be some 'not quite right' bugs in 8.0. In addition, Razer also announced the Razer Phone will now be available at Best Buy. If only this phone worked on Verizon, I might have just...
Security Research Labs in Germany has just completed a 2 year study on Android security and the monthly patches released by Google. They claim that several companies, none actually named (yet), are telling users they've got an update but in reality doing nothing more then just updating the date! Others release real updates but since they skipped 2, 3 or 4 (or more!) any cumulative effects...

The Galaxy lineup has been synonymous with horrid speaker quality over the past few years. After a few weeks with the S9 I'm blown away with the stereo speakers, but can they match the clarity of the iPhone X speakers? Which speakers do sound best to you?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Allegedly Surfaces On GeekBench, Scoring Impressively In Single And Multi Core Tests. Even though it isn’t due for another four or five months, information for the Galaxy Note 9 is rampant on unofficial sources. Right now, it’s expected that the Note 9 will...

Ice Universe believes “we should expect” the Galaxy Note 9 to feature an in-screen fingerprint reader, after Samsung overcame manufacturing difficulties. This would make the Galaxy Note 9 the world’s first smartphone to integrate this tech and deliver a significant differentiator against Apple’s polarising Face ID-only approach moving forward.

Secondly, Ice Universe believes Samsung...

In this video we take a look at real life battery life on the Galaxy S9. I've been using the phone for the past few weeks. This is what you can expect when it comes to battery life on the Galaxy S9.
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