Which Android device would you buy for verizon if you had to buy today?

If you need a physical keyboard the consensus is in, Droid 2. If you don't go with the Fascinate.
Fascinate of course. Why get a slower phone?

The X is the best choice. The Fascinate is not better than the X

That is not a correct statement. Both phones are great phones but it is a matter of preference. I had the opportunity to try out both the DX and the Fascinate to replace my original Droid. The Fascinate was hands down a better phone IMHO.

Then you are a minority. More people like the DroidX over the Fascinate by a big margin. When I was looking for the best phone with Verizon, all my research proved that the X is a much better phone.
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OK. So I found an old VZW phone to give my brother to hold him over. Now I have a different (although much nicer delima). I can upgrade (annual upgrade so it costs me $20 more to do it) right now... and the line I gave my brother will be up in Mar of 2011. My options are this.

Wait till Dec to upgrade my phone and then upgrade again in Mar
Upgrade to something new today and then again in Mar
Wait till Mar to upgrade both phones.

If I upgrade in Mar my brother will get whatever phone I'm using at that point...

4G is probably not a real consideration as I live in shreveport and we won't be getting LTE for a while I'm sure. Will the new releases in nov/dec be worth upgrading for then? Or would I be better off to upgrade now and then get the newest tech in March as well?

Sorry for all of the questions.

I would stick with my D2. Does what I need and the external keyboard is a lot easier for me to use.
I would stick with my D2. Does what I need and the external keyboard is a lot easier for me to use.

Sorry but I have to say, Go Hawks! I'm a season ticket holder and u r the first I've seen of a hawks logo here. :)

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I would wait for the LG Continuum before making a choice. It looks to be a pretty awesome phone. The smaller scrollable at the bottom has got me. I'm due for upgrade in 6 months or so and I'm hoping the price will be down by then. Plus, LG makes some really nice phones.

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I have the droid x with android 2.2 and I love it when its working rite. Freezes up a lot.

DX was the way for me. For comparisons, go to phonescoop.com and do side-by-side of the D2, DInc, DX, Dwhatever.

But what's not to like with a 4.3" 16.7M color 480x854 screen?

I like touchscreens - got a QWERTY on my laptop.

But, of course, YMMV.
I would wait to December and see if you like the upcoming Droid Incredible HD its a lot like the evo except it will have better space newer processor and sense 2.5. I am probably going to get that. If you don't want to wait I say look at either the X or the fascinate. If your bro or you want a keyboard go with the Droid 2. The new LG phone will most likely be an LTE device. Why get a 4g device when you don't live in one of the first cities it will be released in? There's my two cents.

Trying out Sprint for a month. Sent from my Evo using Tapatalk. 4G is pointless when you don't live in one of the few available network areas.
I had to do it after seeing those individuals from Detroit were represented