Web Browsers - Which ones do you use?

Glad to hear Tis. I keep waiting for it to prove me wrong since I have installed other browsers, thought they were the best, and then find them to be only as fast as the rest.

I have experienced only one minor problem. I have a bookmark widget. Whenever I select one of those bookmarks, Puffin reopens the last website I was looking at. When it does that, I just back out and retry the page I wanted.
Interesting tidbit: I went to www.speedtest.net via Puffin on my Maxx.

Got this for the best result:
just tried puffin. its pretty quick but wouldn't load a video I clicked on that other browsers worked fine

wish chrome wouldn't load videos I rather they go to moboplayer

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Has worked fine for me with videos thus far.

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I tried Puffin too. I'm very disappointed with it. It's fast, no doubt about that. But the part I hated is when I was on the Yahoo homepage (desktop not mobile) I tried to type something in the search bar but the browser kept on shifting the web page up so I couldn't see what I was typing in the bar. I type and search in landscape not portrait. It was so fast and I wanted to like it but that is a huge problem. I'll stick with my ICS+ browser for now.

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Has anyone else had keyboard issues with Chrome? Anytime i type on an input field, like a search bar, i can not get the soft keyboard to pop up. The only way i can type anything with Chrome is to use the physical keyboard.
Chrome on my desktop,
Chrome on my laptop,
Chrome on my smartphone,
Chrome on my tablet,
I'd install Chrome in my bath if it was available :)
I use to love Dolphin but recent updates have left it very hard to work with. I personally loved the tab browsing and the shortcut keys.

Chrome I really like the tap to zoom. The tap to zoom works the best on chrome, does a great job of making any and all text on a page readable, but pages load slow and I don't really like the UI.

Puffin is easily the fastest browser but it is very buggy.

ICS+ is great but it seems to be a huge battery hog?

Dolphin Beta is a nice all around Browser. It isn't the best in any category, but it also isn't the worst in any category. So it makes for a decent everyday browser.