Poll: Which Browser do you use and why?


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Nov 6, 2009
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I've been a huge proponent of xScope, but also enjoy Skyfire for watching Flash, and the stock browser for its simplicity. Recently however, I was playing with Dolphin HD, and found it to be amazing. Super fast, with a great, clean UI.

So i ask you guys, what is your preferred browser, and why?
I've never used any browser but the stock browser and Skyfire. I really like Skyfire after using it and that is the one I'm currently using. I've been waiting for fennec for a long time and I see that it is on the list of browsers to vote for... is it already out?
why not?

xScope has it going for my vote. It installed easily, functions well, is fast, and Gary, the vendor, is always a click or two away. I have tge stock, and skyfire installed, for different applications (flash, etc.) but xScope is my default browser.
+1 for xScope (default). I have Skyfire, but I don't like the UI as much as xScope's. Dolphin was ok, but it didn't float my boat.
+1 for xScope (default). I have Skyfire, but I don't like the UI as much as xScope's.

^same here. And to be honest so far Skyfire hasn't been nearly as fast as it was on my WM phones... maybe they have the server restrictions for the Android version or maybe they have just slowed down because of load but Skyfire (on WM anyway) used to be MUCH faster than other browsers... just not the case yet on Android and the flash "support" is nothing special yet (e.g. plenty of sites not supported/working and no seek ect.).
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Have to say that Gary's (xScope) browser has its most challenging rival in the new Dolphin HD. I use the Opera Beta from time to time simply because it's very fast for some websites as a result of its server side caching. But the fact that it isn't registered as a browser makes it a pita to use in most cases.

All in all I've been a happy xScope user for quite awhile. I don't put much strain on any mobile browser because 90% of the time I'm on the internet I'm sitting in front of my desktop monitors or my netbook, but Gary is such a great committed developer and provides such excellent support for his product, I feel a certain loyalty to him and his work.
I've used all of them and for me dolphin is the fastest , but I use skyfire for flash video
xScope all the way. The interface is totally slick and it has a ton of great extra features.
i am stuck (for right now) using the stock browser. does what i need it to do. I do use skyfire just to see how thats coming along with video and what not

but i have xscope and dolphin both installed on my phone. maybe next week ill be using a different one :)
If I need flash I'll use Skyfire, but most times it's just the stock browser.
I've has Skyfire and Dolphin installed for a while, but have been using the stock browser. I just downloaded DolphinHD and it's a vast improvement. It's my default browser now.
i use xscope. works pretty dern good and looks great too. fast, tabbed, etc.

havent tried dolphinHD yet, but im sure i'll like it...seems like they took xscope and kanged it into a new version of dolphin.
I use the stock browser mostly because it's fast, smooth, does multitouch the best, and doesnt have some of the problems other browsers do. If im in a hurry ill use opera mini just because it's really fast :)
Sense Ui stock Browser.

1. Best snap to column view of all browsers.
2. All pages can be snapped to column view, not just some.
3. Pinch to zoom of mobile pages.
4. Option to turn off mobile pages in settings.
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