Verizon's Thanksgetting is back! Get a FREE GB of data now!

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Verizon is at it again this Thanksgiving.

Visit this Wednesday, November 25th for some freebies.

There's a short video at the linked tweet below. Free gig of data sounds good, but I wonder if it's a one-time deal?

Free GB of data is available NOW and lasts through the end of your current billing cycle. To read the quote included in the post below, it appears you'll get another free GB on your next cycle as well. Not sure at this point if you have to return to the page on Wednesday to collect, or if it will automatically be applied to your account, but I can verify that the free GB works now and is applied immediately to your account once you log in.

Verizon on Twitter

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If you visit now, you'll see some of the deals listed.

Get ready for Thanksgetting.

Get 1GB of free data.
Get free movies, music and more.
Get it all for your travels home.

The free gig of data is available to you now until the end of your billing cycle. Looks like you can also get a free gig on your next cycle as well. That should help some of us get through some of the blahs that can come with the holidays.

Get 1GB of free data now.
Get it only with Verizon.

And get this:
get another 1GB free
for your next bill cycle.

Also available are free airport WiFi from a couple providers, free 30-day trial of Pandora One, free content from Amazon.

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More pertinent info on the free GB of data. If you're on a shared plan, you share the 1GB promotional data. It's not 1GB for each user.
The 1GB Data offer (“Promotional Data”) can only be redeemed one time per account by VZW customers on a qualifying plan. Must have a valid VZW Mobile Telephone Number. Promotional Data will be added to your existing monthly data allowance, and applies to data usage after Promotional Data redemption date. Promotional Data will be shared by all lines on an account. Data usage applies for app downloads/use.