Verizon Will Give you Up to 2GB of Free Data Just for Using Android Pay


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Dec 30, 2010
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In an unexpected move, it looks like Verizon is trying to push Android Pay to the forefront a bit. If you feel like nabbing 1GB or even 2GB of free data for two billing cycles from Verizon, all you have to do is use Android Pay. To get 1GB, you just need to use Android Pay with your Verizon phone any time before June 13th, and if you want to increase that to 2GB of free data, you need to use Android Pay three times before June 13th.

Verizon’s promo specifically reads,

“Starting today, you can enjoy 2 GB of free Verizon data, good for two billing cycles, when using Android Pay. Simply open the app to get started. Tap anywhere in stores Android Pay is accepted and receive 1 GB of free data. On your third tap, we’ll throw in another free gig.”

The list of retailers that accept Android Pay has grown. Here's a link for more info: Now, what are you waiting for? Go get some free Big Red data for simply buying some stuff!

It looks like our good friend @Jonny Kansas got there first! Here's his original thread: Verizon customers get up to 2GB free data for using Android Pay.
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That seems nice, just hate that its only for 2 month billing cycle
I was waiting for a pun at the end say "but there is a $14.99 fee to add the free data", roflmao
Screw VZW. I dumped them last night for T-Mobile

Same plan, works out to be $15 less expensive but I gained
- HD calling
- WiFi calling
- data stash
- no contract
- much faster LTE speeds

Verizon offered me me nothing to stay