data plan

  1. DroidModderX

    Verizon Announced A New Prepaid Plan.

    As we reported a few days back Verizon is lo sing subscribers in record numbers even after releasing their new unlimited data plans. I think it is more about the way they have treated customers over the years like they are entitled to your business and have to do nothing to earn your business...
  2. R

    Mobile Data Quick Toggle Missing?

    I have tmobile and when i pull down the status bar its not there. Even in button order its not there. WTF? Even though I have unlimited data I still like to shut it off when on wifi. Its actually a pain in the ass to find it settings too. And I think theres no way to pin in to the home screen??
  3. Jonny Kansas

    Verizon's Thanksgetting is back! Get a FREE GB of data now!

    Verizon is at it again this Thanksgiving. Visit this Wednesday, November 25th for some freebies. There's a short video at the linked tweet below. Free gig of data sounds good, but I wonder if it's a one-time deal? UPDATE: Free GB of data is available NOW and lasts...