Upgrade recommendations

whats question marks for

if the note was 5 inches and 100 dollars less i would get it.. the size is no good for me for a phone..the price is 100 dollars more then the other phones im looking at and that price tag is for the size and the pen feature both which i dont need

Sorry my kid did that
so will this work

i cant upgrade on my moms line cause then from what i read i would have to go into verizon cause i only have the one sim card

so what about this my dad just upgraded last week to the s3..if i transfer my upgrade to him get the dna it comes with the sim..you only use the sim it comes with if you dont have one correct?

so i put his sim thats in the s3 in the dna activate it then take it out put it back in his s3 activate that and then put the sim that came with the dna in there and activate it under my line is that possible?

alternativly if i wanted to use my moms line just to not mess with my dads new phone can i just buy a 2nd sim card on ebay so i dont have to deal with a verizon store

will any of this work to keep my unlimited?
anyone know if that will work?

Well most of the cases where I've seen this work is when people use a dumb phone line to switch and upgrade their smartphone line. I think you could do the same thing with another smartphone line, and I don't think you have to go directly through verizon as long as the rep you're dealing with knows what they are doing.

This typically would suck for the person whose line you're stealing the upgrade from, but since your parents are on the 2gb plan it may not matter. And as long as they are okay with waiting till your original upgrade time for their upgrade.

There may be some screwy thing now that verizon has gone and mucked up their plans with the super lame share plan nonsense, but the only way to find out is to try to upgrade, or talk to a VZ rep.