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Dec 14, 2010
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So I found out I'm due for an upgrade May 8th and I'm stuck between 2 phones. I currently have a Droid X and I'm deciding on the Razr Maxx or waiting for the Galaxy S3. I don't really know specs too well, but I really want the Maxx for the battery life, but I'm hearing a lot of good things about the Galaxy S3. I like to do a lot on my phone and I love messing around with different roms. Any suggestions?

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If battery is a major issue for you then go with the maxx. Spec wise, the s3 will probably be a tad faster and come with the latest OS. There are a few nice features of the s3 like face detection, NFC, etc. Battery life won't be anywhere near that of the maxx though.
Thanks for the input, I think I'm going to wait till Verizon gets the S3 and see which one I like best.
I'd be very careful for the poor RF reputation of these latest sams hung devices. There are many complaints about it. I wouldn't get it for that reason alone and if you look you will find many comments from
users who switched due to dropped connections(data)and also calls. A word to the wise. Verizon stores always have very good reception so using it in store is not a good indication. I guess you have the 14 day return policy. The maxx has very good RF and best battery life as well. Don't know why sam's hung can't get their collective RF act together. It's a phone first.
You might be waiting a while. The GSIII isn't slated to come to the US until the summer/fall. Who knows when Verizon will get it. My best educated guess is December, just judging by the way VZ delayed the 4G phones so much last year. The Bionic was supposed to come out by May or June, does anyone remember that???

The Maxx is a pretty sweet phone though. Good luck!
I know that the Maxx is supposed to be getting ICS whenever they decide to release it. I figure both the Maxx and the GSIII will be running ICS...My question is what features will make the two different? I know the GSIII comes with S Voice, but what else would make it stand out from the Maxx? Lol that battery life kind of has me sold on the Maxx.