What's better Galaxy S3 or upcoming RAZR Maxx HD?

I have had the S3, and just picked up a Maxx HD today. I dropped the S3 getting it out of my pocet and shattered the screen. First phone I have ever had that the screen broke on. I absolutly love this Maxx HD. The screen is great, the overall feel of the phone is amazing. It feels really solid and sturdy, very much the opposite of the S3. The S3 just feels cheap, and obviously it is extremely fragile. Moto has done a fine job of not ruining the stock android feel like Samsung has done. On my S3, I had to download swift keyboard, and Apex launcher just to get it to where it was decent to use. Obviously, my vote goes towards the Razr HD/Maxx HD.
I keep hearing how fragile the S3 is, I'm not seeing it. I've had mine since the day after launch day, about 100 days now, I pre ordered it. I've dropped it probably 10-15x now, pretty hard a few times, twice from over 5ft onto blacktop.. No damage other than a slight nick in the frame... It's held up every bit as good as my razr had in its first 100 days. I have the same case I had on my razr, the shell/holster combo with kickstand.. This case doesn't protect the top or bottom of the phone at all...

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