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Feb 3, 2011
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Well let's face it. Buy the time we're all done customizing our brand new phones to our exact specs, a new phone emerges. I'm on a bionic now and I've got to be honest, after reading hours of reviews, and going to Verizon to test the latest, I'm staying right where I am for now. Sure the galaxy s3 is faster but not buy enough to make me change, the super amoled screen on s3 and nexus are nice but not by that much. The nexus camera sucked and I take a lot of pics and videos. The build quality of the samsung built phones was not impressive at all. You've got to keep a cloth with you at all times to wipe fingerprints off. As far as an improvement over the bionic, it's the battery and I C S on the RAZR maxx that I'd go for. But I'm going to see what moto gives us with the RAZR maxx hd. Then I'll decide. Oh yeah, one more thing. Call quality on samsung was good but no match for moto. Even the write-ups all agree with that. Must be better radios in the Motorola phones.
After months of issues (I got my Bionic on release day, Sept 8th), my Bionic has been running PERFECTLY for some time now. I was tempted by the S3, but I figure I need to give it at least a few months, and an OTA update or two, to get the bugs worked out. I'm sitting tight for now. (Am really, REALLY hoping ICS doesn't screw everything up again).

Kind of ironic that, just about the time they got the kinks worked out, they discontinued the Bionic. I'm sure the Razr/Maxx had something to do with that, too.
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Agree, I know a few people with the bionic and they love them. Now I read that the HD coming out will not have a maxx version. I guess that's ok. I do expect a better camera, and jelly bean. Without, I'd rather get a maxx running ice cream sandwich. Then hope for a J B update.
Love my bionic

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I'm happy with the Bionic and have been so since day one. I just get a bit bent ou tof shape when I hear about Jelly Bean about there and I haven't even gotten a taste of ICS yet?