What Will Be Your Next Phone?


Sep 17, 2010
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I know there are still a lot of users here stuck with Thunderbolts (me, unfortunately one of them), but that means a whole slew of us should be due for an upgrade at relatively the same time! Me: I foolishly upgraded last year around this time, and won't be able to upgrade until next Jan. However, I figure that will be perfect to asses the phones and make the perfect decision. The GS3 should be a couple months old by then (in Verizon standards), Sony will probably have something cool out, Moto will be pumping out new phones, and usually the Nexus/new OS drops in the fall/winter.

So when is your upgrade, and what will be your next phone, whether through upgrade or through buying outright off-contract: The Samsung Galaxy S3, the HTC One X (if it comes to Verizon), the Galaxy Note/Journal, the Razr Maxx HD (whatever they decide to call it), or whatever mystery phone Sony has up it's sleeve?

edit- Me, I'm leaning towards a Galaxy S3. I always wanted the S2, and having a Thunderbolt has made me afraid of HTC phones. I also know the following behind the S3 will be huge, so the dev community should be there to support it. Of course, I'll wait to see what is rootable/unlockable.
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Well I have a GS2, but I just got that a couple months ago. So probably around upgrade time, they will have a GS4 or something lol... But I think in actuality I will probably just stick with the Galaxy brand and get whatever current model is out.

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Would've liked if the Samsung sg3 would've came to Verizon, cuz I'm gonna upgrade to quad core so I don't have to upgrade for years again after that, but that 4.8" screen is ginormous. There's no way I'd be able to rock that. I mean I do want a tablet too, but not some hybrid phone/tablet. Galaxy nexus 4.65" is big enough.

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Don't know, ask in Dec 2013 and I'll let you know. The only phone I'd replace my Nexus with is a refurb Nexus:hail:
The only phone I would replace my Thunderbolt is... well anything but another Thunderbolt!!

I've been complaining about the growing size of phones since I got my Thunderbolt. However, ironically, because my TB is such a heavy, bulky brick (especially when putting the heavy Rezound batt in there), I do think that I will be able to tolerate the great size of the phone. It is bigger than I'd like but in the end, I want the best possible phone available and it's shaping up to be this phone.

I just hope it's rootable and the bootloader is unencrypted.