motorola vs. samsung vs. htc audio output quality?


Sep 2, 2010
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I was at bestbuy last night trying out all of the headphones that were on display. They have it setup where you can plug in your device to find out which headphones match best. Well I never really use my droid bionic with headphones, I just use the aux input in my car. I was trying every headphone on display and none of them produced even a hint of good sound and I was trying headphones that range from $80 to $600. With every set I was trying I was also playing with the sound settings on my phone trying every sound combo and still nothing. I know the sound quality output of a device has alot to do with how headphones will perform so I asked one of the bestbuy guys to let me try them out with some mp3 players. I tried sony, san disk, phillips, and of course a ipod. Out of all of them the sony was the best with ipod coming in second then sandisk in third. However I'm am a rhapsody user, I never really buy mp3's I just stream them or download them to my phone incase I lose signal, as rhapsody lets you download the song on a registered device, but you cant transfer them to another device unless you buy the mp3. One of the big reasons I love android phones is because of rhapsody, and the fact that I don't have to carry around a mp3 player also. $10 a month and I get to listen to any song I want any time. I'm going to get one of the three new android phones coming this month, the nexus, razr or the rezound. I think I'm going to stay away from the razr if its going to have the same quality sound as the bionic. I know the rezound will have beats by dr. dre tech so it should sound good. As for the nexus I have never had a samsung android phone before. How is the audio quality of samsung android phones? From your experience and opinion out of htc,samsung and motorola android phones which gives the best sound quality from the headphone jack and bluetooth stereo?? Also does anyone know if Motorola has mentioned anything about new or improved sound hardware or software for the droid razr? If anyone has a htc android phone equipped with Beats from Dr. Dre please let me know how the audio performs and if you get more audio settings to play with, like a actual EQ you can customize. Thanks