Upgrade conundrum???


May 30, 2011
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I can currently upgrade and am unsure of what to get, with Verizon. I am not a fan of the cheap plastic feel of the GS3. The Razr maxx HD seemed like a good option with a great battery, but I remain unimpressed with their screens and camera. Probably leaning to the DNA, but don't really like the 5 inch phones and bigger, plus not a lot of memory on it. Would have loved to see Big Red carry the HTC One phone, but alas they passed??? Do I wait it out and see if they will carry the One later in the spring, or even wait for the Motorola X phone or GS4. I currently have the Incredible 2 w/ GB, lol. It still works fine, but really ready for something newer. Or do I jump ship to ATT, and get the HTC One? I always thought that Verizon has superior coverage in my area.


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Nov 11, 2009
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Another option could be buying a phone from a 3rd party and just saving your upgrade for later, if you are tired of your Inc2. The Big Three (Moto, Sammy, HTC) all seem to have big releases coming within the next few months so if I were in your position I may just hold off by hanging onto the Inc2 a little longer, or maybe just buy a bit of a roughed up newer device to hold me over.