Tried Droid Bionic today. Screen totally blows!


Nov 7, 2010
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Rocky Mountains
So after getting done with a client earlier today, walked on over to the next door Verizon shop to take a look at the Bionic I had been hearing and thinking about for song long and to give it a try in comparison to my first smartphone, my Droid X.

I have to say, it stood out like a sore thumb with blisters and a mole on top of it. The screen on the new Bionic is a totall, utter joke in comparison to my Droid X. I couldn't believe how "grainy" and "screen meshed" the screen looked in comparison. No matter what kinda screen I was looking at, web page, game, menu whatever, It actually looked like I was looking through a small metal mesh grid, I could actually see the individiual cells it was so bad. I looked on over to the Incredible 2 and the Droid X2 screen and they didn't have nearly as bad a screens in comparison, let alone my Droid X. What the hell Motorola? What with going back three generations of screens with this thing? Its terrible! I loaded up Angry birds and I just couldn't believe how grainy and unsmooth the picture was, like I was seeing it in 300x200 pixel resolution on 4.3'' screen, totally crap!

Wow, I was so excited to finally see this Bionic get launched but after seeing that gawd awful metal mesh of a screen, i'll stay with my Droid X for a bit while longer until my early upgrade next year. I hope something nicer is out by then, cause I sure as hell aint spending $300 on a Bionic now.