[THEME] Black Juice for rubiX Blurry 1.0

Idk where you guys are getting the problems from but i just installed blurry 1.5 and slapped this theme on and everything is perfect and smooth.
Great Work Juicemane! I guess i will have to donate for a blue version of this...
let me guess you loaded your apps,data and system data from titanium back up.You can only install apps and data not system data.wipe data again and only install apps plus data

I've ran into that several time. and suspected it was TB..
but why is that?
i back up things like my accounts, access points.. etc. because they are pain to reload.
any way to back them up and restore them so they work?

I'd like to know of a 'proper' backup and restore solution as well.

I did erase and re-load Blurry 1.52, but have not re-loaded this theme yet. I find the cube in notification bar and the custom icons a bit distracting. I may revisit this in the near future and give it another try.
I like the cube... Also, the round icon in the notification bar means youre syncing. Go into accounts to see what exactly is syncing. Btw, it being stuck in the status bar has nothing to do with this theme, the them just provides an icon for it.

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I've lost wifi after installing blackjuice on blurry 1.5.6. I restored a backup of stock blurry just to be sure it was the theme causing the issue. Any thoughts on this?

edit: i have wifi back after restoring, mounting system, and reapplying theme. However, the theme doesn't appear to be applying completely. Doesn't look like i have any themed icons, and the dialer is not themed. There does appear to be some incompatibilities with the 152 update. This theme is GORGEOUS though! thanks juice!
can we use this with newest version of rubix

Honestly Im not sure, make a backup and test it. It should work just fine with any blur based rom. Im also adding a blue version so check the first page in about 20 minutes and it should be there ;)
Is there anyway to add the % to the battery, remove the rubix from the notification and change "rubiX Blurry" back to "Verizon Wireless". I am hoping its just an easy edit :)
Is there anyway to add the % to the battery, remove the rubix from the notification and change "rubiX Blurry" back to "Verizon Wireless". I am hoping its just an easy edit :)

You can change it if you want... I dunno why you would want it to say vzw again. As for the % it looks like crap I tried it on my earlier themes. No bueno.

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Makes my phone look "less hacked" and I don't have to explain what "rubiX Blurry" is to people.

What would I have to edit?
10% battery?

Is this theme supposed to have 10% battery? The circle drops 2 dots at a time, and if I unplug at 90% it shows 2 empty dots, so its definitely not working on mine. I tried running the framework through the circle.glx.nl "kitchen" but it spits out an error. Also +1 for adding the percentage in the circle. Otherwise love the theme!

Running Rubix Blurry 1.6.8 and BJ Blue 1.5

Edit: Just noticed in earlier post you said #% in meter looks crappy. Oh well. Still wondering about 10%.