The Truth About Froyo and Overclocking


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Apr 19, 2010
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Hey guys,

I am so overwhelmed by the number of threads containing different roms, overclocking apps, kernals, versions of Froyo, so on and so forth that I'm not even sure where to begin!

Right now, my phone has Froyo FRG01B, but I've read that there is a newer version of Froyo FRG22, but some are saying that this version is not official (FRG22)?

At any rate, I would like to overclock my phone a little, as well as enable WiFi hotspot (or is it called tethering?). That is it!

I bought SetCPU, but then I was reading that you don't need SetCPU for certain "kernals?" Perhaps I just wasted my money...DAH!

If you guys could help me out, I would appreciate it SO much. I just don't want to brick my phone by doing something stupid.

Last night I was attempting to install a (I think) rooted version of Froyo, but everytime I went to run my update, it was giving me signature errors. I'm not sure what this is about, but last time (when I manually updated my phont to FRG01B), I had no issues with updating.

Like I said, I would appreciate the help guys. Thank you SO much!
Are you even rooted?

No, that is another thing I need assistance with.

I am not sure if there was a "root" available for FRG01B, so I thought I would ask before I break something.
i didnt even know SetCPU could be seen in the marketplace unless you were rooted.
i didnt even know SetCPU could be seen in the marketplace unless you were rooted.

Upon opening the application, the first line states:

"Make sure you have root access! If asked, you must check the Remember box and press Allow or press Always Allow."

This makes me think that rooting is a prerequisite, which I have no knowledge of doing.


This is exactly what I would do had I not of created this thread and potentially caused serious problems. Honestly, I'm just trying to clear things up here.
Just lightening the mood, you do have to root, plenty of threads and links on that ...
We'll I will just make you feel worse by telling you that you can get setcpu from xda for free :)

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But he manually installed frg01b using on his stock recovery... can he even root anymore?
We'll I will just make you feel worse by telling you that you can get setcpu from xda for free :)

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Not sure what XDA is, but thats just dandy! :icon_evil:

I've been actively reading up on terminology and such, but I do have a question before I begin this whole process.

Should I put my phone back to stock and then run all the available OTA updates, make a nandroid backup, and then start in on rooting/overclocking?
Well I suppose I stand corrected then :p ... I could swear people were all worried about the ota breaking rooting and custom roms.
You don't need to revert your Droid back to any old versions..also wiping data or factory reset will not wipe the FRG build you placed on your device. You can't receive any older OTA than 2.1 and you can't go back as there isn't really any to revert back to so lets look into what to do now....

I personally got tired of waiting for the OTA froyo build to hit my device and decided to manual update, boy was that not worth it. So since I couldn't really go back, I decided to try some new roms that recently hit for those of us using 2.2.......

The first step I took was going to Unstable Apps - Mobile apps for a mobile world and getting the 1 click root app, really easy, costs 99 cents and worked great. After following the easy intructions page, I literally clicked a button, rebooted and I was rooted.

Then I went to the market and downloaded ROM Manager. It was free, gave me instructions to follow to create a recovery point (if anything goes sour) and I used the download section in the app to download the Sapphire 1.0 rom. (it is listed as CV something but once you click it offers several Sapphire roms)

While still on 3g (didn't even need to change to wifi-but you might want to if you're expecting a call or text as it will disrupt file downlod on 3g and corrupt process) I downloaded the rom and chose a kernal, the droid x theme and I was in business. It installed automatically, rebooted and whamo! I had an 800 mhz DROID with all the goodies of droidx and a less buggy build of froyo. I recently got voice search and droid 2 live wallpaper and now my DROID is a lightning DROID2. The Sapphire rom is fast and stable, bugless beast, cyanogen let me down big time (endless boot loading)

When you download the rom it is gonna ask you about some items with boxes you can check to green CHECK ALL THE BOXES!!!! The rom download is gonna ask you which kernal you want looks something like 700-1500 PICK THE FIRST SELECTION (its 800mhz stable) and its going to ask you if you want to create a recovery and wipe all data CHECK THE BOXES you want to wipe to be sure everything runs smooth, its okay, when you reboot type in the same gmail account you use now and all of your contacts apps photos etc will be sync'd to your device again and will not be lost!

I know there is a lot of uncertainty with rooting but you must understand what it is so here's a rough analogy....rooting your device and placing a custom rom is like taking your laptop and not erasing windows 7 from it, but instead downloading and installing another OS onyour laptop so you can choose to use windows 7 at start up or use your new os instead, nothing is erased nothing is lost and a simple reboot in recovery mode and you can instantly go back and forth between the 2.