The Sourcery Rom for the O.G. Droid


Jan 21, 2010
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Trap Hill, North Carolina
Ok, All of you rooted O.G. Droid users who is going to be flashing the new rom that comes out on Christmas day? I have had the honor of beta testing this rom and I must say that it's pretty sweet. I'm getting ready to go to work now but I just figured that I would share with the d.f. community:

If you are a cereal flasher or just getting tired of your old rom then check it out. The themers are working hard to crank out a lot of cool and original themes by new years. My theming partner and I have got a few ideas for this rom already in the works. It's going live on Christmas day people so don't miss out on the magic.

I almost forgot..... When you flash the Sourcery Rom start checking out all of the cool features. Many of the apps and widgets are transparent. Go to the link and check it out. You will like the rom. I promise.