Tech Out of IFA: Samsung Debuts the Galaxy Camera with Crazy Specs & Jelly Bean

Oh my word!!! if they turn this into a phone as well!!! My Mother-In-Law would die happy. She wants a Camera with a little phone option on the side. LOL
In theory as long as it has a mic and a speaker you would be able to modify existing WIFI calling apps to work with it :p
Lol at the battery. Its basically a phone with an awesome camera and crap battery. I've always wanted a phone that takes awesome pics (for a phone), but that battery is a failure on Sammy's part. I wonder if u can actually call and txt on it.

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google voice over 4G with bluetooth would basically make it a phone as well, no?
kodiak799 said:
If I had ever used my last camera much, I'd be all over this. So basically it appears to be a S3 guts and they just added a telescoping lens. But in all honesty, there's a lot of unneeded "extras" in there, maybe, that would make the price excessive. Think about it, you'll basically be paying for an S3 PLUS the price of some decent optics.

I assume it has wifi, but 3G & 4G capable seems a major waste (unless you're on a shared plan, who but a professional photographer - who wouldn't wast $$$ on this - would have a need?). It has 8gigs of storage, so I don't see how critical it is to upload on the go since you can do that when you are near wifi.

Tough call - I could see this being a total flop, outside maybe Korea. But it's a great "innovation" and maybe down the road they can figure out how to cram a decent telescoping lens in a camera. I kind of feel like mostly only Apple, to date, has given much of a priority to the camera.

I was also going to say the quad-core processor was overkill, but that probably helps for image processing and especially the camcorder. This could have some REALLY nice editing software.

Actually, I like the upload on the go. When you are out in the field for hours on end & have taken 1,000 shots, you get a bit nervous should something happen to the camera & then you lose hours of time reshooting.

Also, Apple is definately not the only game in town when it comes to good camera phones. The new one x & s3 overall have better cameras & I'll take my Rezound over an iPhone absolutely every time. A 4"+ LCD makes a huge difference compared to apple's dinky screen.