Tech Out of IFA: Samsung Debuts the Galaxy Camera with Crazy Specs & Jelly Bean


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Dec 30, 2010
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It looks like Samsung didn't stop with just he launch of their new Galaxy Note 2. They also announced a strange and cool new device. It's an Android based camera with some crazy good specs, built on the Galaxy phone design, and running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean! Here's the scoop:
  • 23mm f/2.8 lens with 21x optical zoom
  • 4.7" HD Super Clear Touch Display at 308ppi
  • ISO from 100 up to 3200
  • 3G and 4G connectivity
  • 1.4GHz Quad-core processor
  • Android 4.1 Jelly Bean
  • 8GB onboard storage
  • microSD
  • HDMI
  • A-GPS
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 1650mAh battery
It also has a slew of advanced software features. Here's a few:
  • Access to Google Play Store and all of its plethora of camera apps
  • Features ten different shooting modes - this includes a "Smart Pro Mode" with aperture, shutter speed, and even more adjustments for experienced photographers
  • Can use voice control for functions like zooming, group-shots, toggling and more.
  • Has a "Best Group Shot" feature which can merge images with different faces for each subject
  • Photo Wizard - includes minor editing functionality and a filter application
  • Movie Wizard - does the same for videos
  • Share Shot, allowing sharing with other Galaxy Cameras or phones
This is a facepalm kind of good idea. It makes you wonder why we haven't seen more of these in the past!

Source: S3Forums via SamsungMobile
Hope they slap a patent on that quick before we see the iCam and another lawsuit from Apple ha
I am Samsung have some type of patent, including Nikon who already has something similar on the market already, but android manufacturers do not sue each other.
Apple likes to litigate, not innovate, and patent prior art, do you actually think they thought of making an iCamera, they are too busy trying real hard to make everyone else disappear, only to see it backfire on them. It's not only Samsung they hurt, but also HTC by having them delay their One X line to market in the US. Sooner or later, every dog has it's day.
If I had ever used my last camera much, I'd be all over this. So basically it appears to be a S3 guts and they just added a telescoping lens. But in all honesty, there's a lot of unneeded "extras" in there, maybe, that would make the price excessive. Think about it, you'll basically be paying for an S3 PLUS the price of some decent optics.

I assume it has wifi, but 3G & 4G capable seems a major waste (unless you're on a shared plan, who but a professional photographer - who wouldn't wast $$$ on this - would have a need?). It has 8gigs of storage, so I don't see how critical it is to upload on the go since you can do that when you are near wifi.

Tough call - I could see this being a total flop, outside maybe Korea. But it's a great "innovation" and maybe down the road they can figure out how to cram a decent telescoping lens in a camera. I kind of feel like mostly only Apple, to date, has given much of a priority to the camera.

I was also going to say the quad-core processor was overkill, but that probably helps for image processing and especially the camcorder. This could have some REALLY nice editing software.
I want to know how well the camera software is. Is it just the stock S3 app? I really don't really care about the other stuff. It's not that big of a deal for me to remove the memory card of my camera, and stick it into my card reader.
Any idea on price? I have a few month old DSLR (Canon T3i) and this is in no way a professional camera, but I think it is a nice camera and a nice concept. I can think of many times when I wish I had a better camera on some occassion but only had my phone, or had my phone when I wish I had a better camera. I think when it comes to point and shoot camera, this may take the cake. The ability to have small photo editing apps, wifi to xfer photos off of it and a browser to upload and e-mail pictures right on the phone is pretty damn handy. No, it won't get used as much as a S3 or a tablet, but I bet it would get more use from a lot of people over a traditional point and shoot digital camera. My mom loves to snap pictures but has no real tech know how. She gives the camera to my dad to unload the images and give it back to her. She however can use the ASUS TF201 they have well enough. Having those two merged would be ideal. Shoot, my wife doesn't even touch my DSLR. Its too complicated for her and prefers our old point and shoot. If this gets to market and actually takes off, I would consider getting it for her.
I'm really interested. Will most likely be getting one.
I can't help but feel that I'd be slightly more interested if it had phone capabilities.
the sad thing is this will most likely be a huge flop because knowing samsung this will cost more then a mid-range DSLR.
Yeah, with 3G and 4G why no phone capability? It's otherwise an S3, so curious that they took that out. Must have been space constraint.

If the lens receded enough, it actually could have been a viable phone candidate if we're talking the same sort of thickness as the D1.
Very intelligent of Samsung to brand their cameras, phones, and other devices all under one Galaxy line the same way Sony does with some of its products and the inclusion of Zeiss lenses in different form factors.