TBolt Reboot Issues from Last Update Soon to Be Fixed; or Trade-In For New Tbolt


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Dec 30, 2010
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For many users, the newest update to the HTC Thunderbolt has made problems with the phone even worse. The primary issue is that it constantly reboots throughout the day randomly. HTC is still working hard to rectify the issue, and some recent industry 'rumint' suggests that the issue could be fixed soon. Furthermore, Verizon wants to keep you a happy customer. So, if you are fed up and don't want to wait for the new update, reports are that you can simply take your phone in to the nearest Verizon store, and they will replace your Thunderbolt with a brand new one that doesn't have the troublesome update.

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Called about this today.. They offered to send a refurb. Went to store and they told me that they can not give out new devices as they only have stock for what is being sold, but that the update to fix will be coming out shortly. They offered to order a new phone as well, but would be a refurb. Heard some people are getting new ones and not refurb, but I have not been able to confirm this on my end.. Jax, Florida.
Question: will these replacement TB's (be they new or refurb) try to download
the same faulty (alleged) OTA update?
i awaiting a replacement for tomorrow. the csr told me it will be w/o sd or sim card. i guessing it will be a refurb. i'll let you know.
So for someone like me, who hasn't upgraded to a TB yet, is it safe to say a brand new TB will NOT have the rebooting issues?
I unfortunately had to get a CLN device not only for the reboot issue but for another issue as well. The device I received didn't have the update ( I checked ) but at some point it was pushed to my phone without my knowing. ( I would have done whatever it took to keep away from it ). So needless to say, I am getting reboot AGAIN but I rooted and now they are minimal most times.

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I think that the reboot issue is location specific too. I get it at work all the time, but never at home. The update did, however, fix the problem of my phone telling me that I'm in TX (I live in WA), China and Moldova. That was annoying. Also, just recently learned that if you turn off the Blockbuster "check for new movies" thing, the battery lasts longer. I had mine on all day yesterday and it was only down to 41% by the time I plugged it in at 2am, instead of having to charge it three times a day. We'll see how this goes!
i awaiting a replacement for tomorrow. the csr told me it will be w/o sd or sim card. i guessing it will be a refurb. i'll let you know.

well i received it on friday and it looks really good. i could not tell if it was new or refurb?
Anyone get offered a new phone replacement? I sent Verizon and email and they offered nothing.